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W E   P R O V I D E   C O L L E C T I O N   A N D   D I S P O S A L   O F :

  • General Waste
  • Shredding of Sensitive Documents
  • Industrial and Commercial Waste
  • Residential Waste
  • Safe Disposal of Food and Liquid Organic Waste
  • Composting of Food Waste
  • Destruction of Semi-Hazardous Waste
  • Scrap Metals (Ferrous and Non-ferrous) Vehicle Batteries
  • Recycling of Paper / Plastics / Metals / Cardboard
  • Bin Rental (Free)

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Paper Towel 2-3 weeks Cigarette Butts 10-12 years
Banana Peel 3-4 weeks Leather shoes 25-40 years
Paper Bag 1 month Tinned steel can 50 years
Newspaper 1.5 months Foamed plastic cups 50 years
Apple Core 2 months Rubber-boot sole 50-80 years
Cardboard 2 months Plastic containers 50-80 years
Cotton Glove 3 months Aluminum can 200-500 yrs
Orange Peels 6 months Plastic bottles 450 years
Plywood 1-3 years Disposable nappies 550 years
Wool sock 1-5 years Monofilament fishing line 600 years
Milk Cartons 5 years Plastic bags 200-1000 yrs

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